First Time Showing My Work...In a Long Time!

They say you have to start somewhere, and I'm pretty darn pleased with where I'm starting! After just two months working as a full time artist (for the first time since Art School!), I'm having my artwork displayed in public! It's only a few pieces, and it's in a bakery cafe - an AWESOME bakery cafe - but I couldn't be more thrilled. Well, maybe I could be more thrilled, if I sold some work.

The work you see here belongs to myself and my studio-mate, Kelly, of Kelly Thiel Studio. Kelly is an incredible sculptor who also makes beautiful mixed media paintings. She sells her work in galleries around the country and I am proud to have her as a friend and mentor.

Our work can be seen at Fearless Baking in Bend, OR, where it will be on display for the holiday season! For more information on Fearless, visit their website at: Fearless Baking. They are having a big event this Thursday called, Taste of Thanksgiving, where they'll be offering samples of their holiday treats, beer and wine, discounts on holiday orders and of course, our artwork! If you're local, try to make it down between 4-7pm.