Thank you for your interest! I put this page together because I've been getting a lot of questions regarding process, technique and materials lately. I'd love to be able to answer them all directly, but, I need to protect my time. I hope you understand, and that you will use my eCourse as a resource if your needs aren't met by these FAQ's. It is broken up into a la carte classes which are all very reasonably priced and meant to give you affordable, quality access to all I've learned.

what materials do you use?

Alcohol Inks from Ranger, Jacquard and Copic. Yupo Paper and Claybord by Ampersand. Rubbing alcohol. For more detailed materials info, i encourage you to check out my eCourse

How do you finish your pieces?

I varnish them with a water-based artist's varnish. 

How about those pieces that look like canvases? are they?

Nope! These pieces have been mounted on wood panels, or they are cradled claybord. 

Can you share your process?

I love to share, and I love that there's interest! However, my techniques and process are tied to years of practice as an artist, and are a bit too complicated to condense into a reply on Instagram or private message. The best way to demonstrate is by showing, and as such, I encourage you to check out my eCourse, which will answer any questions you might have and some you hadn't thought of! 

Can I email you if I have more questions?

If you have purchased my ecourse and have questions, I provide you with a private email and welcome more questions.